Giving Your Elderly Pet the Care it Deserves

Loving your pet is easy. Some owners are lucky enough to have their pets for a very long time. Eventually, there will come a time when your pet isn’t as spry as before and is less interested in playing hard, especially when your puppy or kitten is starting to get a little grey-faced and long in the tooth. As a responsible owner you want to do what is best for your pet, but knowing how to care for your elderly animal can be a challenge. Here are a few tips for ensuring your aging companion gets all the love and proper care it deserves.

Give Your Pet Dietary Supplements

As your pet gets older, his or her dietary needs will change. Some cats and dogs are plagued with achy joints and arthritis in their later years. One great supplement that can help with both diet and joint concerns is hemp oil for pets. It’s great for soothing joint pain, anxiety, and has a whole list of health benefits.

Pamper Your Pet

As your dog or cat gets older, what is the point of skimping on the treats? Keep your pet as happy as they can be. Make sure they have a nice soft bed, all the toys they could ever want, treats galore, and all the attention and love you have to give. Unfortunately, time is limited, so make the most of it! Show your pet how much you care.

Respect Your Pet’s Wishes

Some pets, as they age, just want to take it easy. Playing fetch or chasing the laser pointer dot around becomes less and less appealing to them. Some elderly pets begin hiding in a dark place all day and only come out for meals and bathroom breaks. Don’t force your pet to interact with you when he or she doesn’t want to make the effort. Respect your pet’s wishes and let them determine the level of interaction they feel comfortable with.