From getting intimate during pregnancy to exercising, mom-to-be Chhavi Mittal busts all pregnancy myths

From getting intimate during pregnancy to exercising, mom-to-be Chhavi Mittal busts all pregnancy myths

01/13​From getting intimate during pregnancy to exercising, mom-to-be Chhavi Mittal busts all pregnancy myths

Actress Chhavi Mittal is all set to embrace motherhood for the second time and is absolutely stress-free about it. The actress has been loving her journey as a second time to-be mommy. The actress in a candid conversation with, busted a lot of myths revolving pregnancy and advised mommies-to-be happy in the best way. Photo- Instagram. By- Rasika Deshpande

02/13No Exercise

If the health is fine and the doctor has given a green card, then exercising should not be an issue for the pregnant lady at all. I, in fact, ran as exercise during the first few months of my pregnancy. It’s always good for your fitness. Photo- Instagram. By- Rasika Deshpande

03/13Eating for two & having sweets is a big No

This is an interesting one. It’s absolutely untrue that you have to eat for two. The baby derives all the nutrients, proteins, etc from the mother and the food she intakes. There is absolutely no need to eat for two as the baby is just so little and is already been fed with a good amount of calcium etc through the mother. The mother needs to eat well. You should know where to draw the line. Sugar addiction is harmful than drug addiction. The baby might just turn out to be obese and undernourished if he is addicted to sweets. Having sugar in moderation is fine but the mother also needs to make sure that the baby has the right amount of other nutrients too. Photo- Instagram. By- Rasika Deshpande

04/13No intimacy during pregnancy

Why not! It’s absolutely fine during pregnancy. But you need to ask your doctor before you take any decision. If the doctor is fine and gives you a green signal then it is perfectly fine. In fact, intimacy is the best way to induce labour if you are there. Photo- Instagram.

05/13Shopping before the baby’s birth

At a very early of pregnancy, I don’t think its right to shop. The baby once stabilizes in your womb, then I don’t think its an issue to pick up a thing or two for the baby. Just in the initial days, I don’t think one needs to shop as such. Photo- Instagram.

06/13Working during pregnancy

I want my baby to know that working is good. It’s not good to be lazy at all. I want my baby to be hard working too. I don’t want my kid to be easy going and lazy. Whether a girl or a boy, the kid needs to work hard. Any kind of discomfort that I may be feeling just vanishes when I come to the office. Photo- Instagram.

07/13Size of the stomach depicting the gender

That is absolutely untrue. It’s more like a fun activity to do during pregnancy. It is not true that the size depicts gender. In fact, it depends upon the body type of the mother. If your body size is compact and the baby is growing rightly the baby bump is going to be bigger. Photo- Instagram.

08/13No watching emotional movies

The baby inside you has feelings, moods and can hear us. It is a proper human being. The baby is actually connected to the mother’s emotions through the mother’s heartbeat. So it’s better to watch happy movies. But I like watching horror also. Photo- Instagram.

09/13Having mood swings

The pregnant lady’s hormones are going helter-skelter so it’s much natural to have mood swings but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a happy mother. Of course, you can be. Strange cravings are related to your hormonal levels. Cravings don’t change every minute but yes every month cravings do happen. Sometimes I may want to to have ice cream and the other times I may want to have fish etc. Photo- Instagram.

10/13Flying/ traveling is a big no

Not really. There are various reasons and if the doctor has given a green signal to travel and fly then I don’t think there should be an issue. Also, airlines have certain policies regarding pregnant women as they don’t want delivery to happen mid-air without proper guidance and medical facility, You need a fit to fly certificate from the doctor. After 6-7 months of pregnancy, flying is not advisable. Due to the air pressure and altitude, blood clots may be formed which can create issues in blood circulation. Photo- Instagram.

11/13Stay away from gadgets

Mobiles have radiation that can be bad for the baby. There is apparently some radiation that takes place even when the phones are off, so technically it is not good for the baby. But in today’s world, it is hard to stay away from it. So I think using it in moderation is fine but no need to stress about it as the worst thing for your baby could be stress. Photo- Instagram.

12/13No bending and no washing hair

Washing hair is basic hygiene. It’s up to and doesn’t affect the baby inside you. Talking about bending, it depends on how comfortable your body is. If you are flexible at the stage of pregnancy you can bend, it’s simple. Also in the first few months of pregnancy, you shouldn’t bend much as the pregnancy needs to be stabilised but otherwise it doesn’t seem to be a problem. Photo- Instagram.

13/13Dyeing hair

The colour dyes have a lot of chemicals which sometimes enter the blood vessels and is harmful. Though the amount of chemical is absolutely minuscule I understand no mother wants to risk it with her baby. But chemical free dyes shouldn’t be an issue. Photo- Instagram.