Annual Symposium Explores the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Annual Symposium Explores the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

There can be no doubt that artificial intelligence is having a huge impact on global business. Researchfrom McKinsey reveals, of more than 2,000 organizations surveyed, 47% are using artificial intelligence to solve business problems.

The rapid rise of this transformative technology brings complex issues including ethical questions about what it means for privacy of information as well as personal and national security. To explore these challenges, Bentley’s Alliance for Ethics and Social Responsibility and the W. Michael Hoffman Center for Business Ethics co-hosted the 2019 Global Business Ethics Symposium.

The event engaged leaders at the forefront of research at technological giants such as IBM and Google, as well faculty members from Bentley and other institutions around the country. Panels explored topics including data privacy, the impact of artificial intelligence on the healthcare industry and access to care, and the overall societal ramifications of artificial intelligence becoming a bigger presence in business and everyday life.

“As a business school, Bentley stays ahead of the curve in preparing our students for how the business world is evolving,” says Bentley President Alison Davis-Blake. “In order to deliver a cutting-edge curriculum, we need to be driving and engaging in conversations with industry leaders on timely issues such as the ethical terrain of artificial intelligence.”

This is the 15th year that Bentley has hosted the Global Business Ethics Symposium, in partnership with the State Street Foundation.