3 weight loss hacks for women

3 weight loss hacks for women

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There is never a time in most women’s lives when weight loss is not a concern. That’s due to the many hormonal changes that take place over time, from menarche when the cycles first begin, to pregnancy and post pregnancy, and finally menopause. Try these hacks

Make protein your best friend

Protein has a number of benefits for women, including improvement in metabolism.

* The branched chain amino acids in whey protein are absorbed well by muscles and aid in muscle recovery, leading to tighter arm and abdomen muscles.

* Protein protects the bone. This is very important after menopause, when bone loss can lead to weak bones and old-age fractures.

Consume liver detox herbs

The liver is the seat of weight loss. If this organ does not break down the fat in the body, you cannot lose fat or weight.

* Drink tulsi, ginger and turmeric green tea three times a day.

* Drink 30ml aloe vera juice on an empty stomach daily.

* Drink a decoction of organic turmeric once a day.

How To Consume Protein
  • Add one tablespoon of protein powder to milk or hot water and drink at breakfast.
  • Replace your dinner with a glass of hot milk with a generous scoop of protein powder.
  • If you exercise regularly, have your morning protein 10 minutes after your workout, with an apple.

Combine soluble and insoluble fibres

Take these two combinations on alternate nights to remove fat from the body and aid weight loss:

* Half a teaspoon of oat bran (lightly roasted) with half a teaspoon of organic triphala powder in hot water.

* Half a teaspoon of toasted bran powder with half a teaspoon of organic triphala powder in hot water.