3 of the Most Popular Cosmetic Dental Procedures

3 of the Most Popular Cosmetic Dental Procedures

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Nearly everyone wants to have a nice smile. Great looking teeth can be a help in accomplishing the goal of a nice smile. Cosmetic dental procedures are a popular way of improving the look of your teeth and may even help you look younger. Whether you are looking for whitening or dental veneers Park Slope, here are three of the most popular dental procedures explained.

1. Whitening

Whitening your teeth is probably the fastest way to change your smile. During the whitening process, the dentist will polish your teeth first. Then your teeth are isolated, and gums protected. After that, a whitening solution will be placed on the teeth. Some of these products must be cured with a light or laser. The whitening solution will remain on your teeth for up to an hour, depending on the desired result.

2. Dental Implants

Dental implants are generally used to replace missing teeth, although some choose to have an entire set of implants. They are popular because they are nearly impossible to distinguish from your real teeth.

During an implant procedure, a dentist will affix screws to the jaw. Crowns are then placed onto the screws to complete the implant.

3. Veneers

Veneers are a cosmetic solution for improving your smile by placing a layer of material over the existing tooth. The material, either porcelain or dental composite, can fill in gaps between teeth, cover cracks and fill chips. Veneers may also protect the surface of your teeth from additional damage in the future.

Teeth are prepared for the veneer by reshaping the existing teeth to make room for the veneer. The veneers are put in place and permanently cemented to your existing teeth.

There is no understating the impact a great smile can have on first impressions. It is no wonder that cosmetic dentistry procedures are becoming increasingly popular worldwide.